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Welcome to the Bannard Center!


Whether you're a new patient or a part of the Bannard Wellness family, let our friendly staff help you start feeling better! Read about our incredible staff below and then come give us a visit! We'd be so happy to get to know you and begin individualizing your care!


Dr. Daniel Bannard | Brimhall Wellness Certified Doctor


​Holistic Chiropractor


Dr. Daniel P. Bannard DC,FIAMA,FIACA has been helping thousands of patients obtain health for 38 years. In his New York practice, he saw patients that suffered from a variety of illnesses that he successfully treated through Chiropractic, Functional Medicine, and Acupuncture. This Holistic Approach enables Dr. Bannard to Identify 6 major interferences of health.


"My Purpose is to help as many people get well with natural methods ,and to educate them how to stay well." If I can help you I will tell you, and if I can't I will tell you that too. We will then refer you out."

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