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Dr. Bannard is Retired !

Dear Patient, After 39 years of practicing Chiropractic, I have decided to retire as of November 20th, 2022. This has been a difficult decision. It has been my pleasure to serve Families for the past 39 years as a Chiropractic physician. I have had the privilege of meeting many great people and developing lifelong friendships with many patients. But now it is time for me to retire and pass along my patients to the other competent physicians. I am recommending my Chiropractors, who have covered my practice for me for many years.


For Chiropractic Care: Most insurance Accepted 

Raleigh Central Chiropractic and Rehab.

Glenwood Ave.#200 Raleigh, 

Dr. Mike Ward DC. 

Dr. Chad Chisolm DC  (919) 829-5757 www.


Acupuncture / Chinese Medicine: Sabastian Lee - (619) 554-5227


For Holistic wellness :

Dr. David Pascal DC 

Health Institute of North Carolina

200 Keisler Dr. suite C

Cary, NC 27518

(919) 380-8000



Please know that all of your medical records are safely on file and remain confidential, as per federal law. If you decide to take on a new physician other than the ones I recommended, or you want your files transferred to you directly, then you can follow the traditional routes to have your records transferred: Before November 20th . Call the office (919) 461-8400 to request file transfer to you or another physician. After November 20th Contact by email: please leave your name, phone number, who you want to transfer files to, and we will contact you. We will email you the authorization Form before transferring any files, please sign and return it for us to transfer the files. Over the past four decades, I have watched many families in the area grow and have shared heartache and joy with hundreds of patients. I appreciate your loyalty throughout the years and will take the memories of all that I have experienced with me into my retirement. If you have any questions, up to November18th, you can contact Joyce here at the practice. My retirement is effective on November 20th, 2022. If you do not have an appointment to see me, then I wish you the best health and happiness.

Sincerely Yours,

Dr. Daniel Bannard DC, FIAMA

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