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NEW PATIENT: Chiropractic Registration and Health History | DOWNLOAD 


Not for chiropractic 


BioScan New Patient Package | DOWNLOAD


Consent for BioScanSRT Wellness System| DOWNLOAD



Affirmation | DOWNLOAD



Metabolic Assessment Form| DOWNLOAD



NTAF Health Questionnaire| DOWNLOAD



Child Neurotransmitter & Nutrition Questionnaire | DOWNLOAD



FAQs //

Why do you post these forms online?


We know you lead a busy life! That's why we provide these forms online. This way, you can print them out and complete them before your appointment when it fits your schedule! We like to keep things moving smoothly and give our patients the care they need when they show up at the office. We appreciate you taking the time to fill these out in advance!

Why do I need to sign so many consent forms?


The body is a complicated, beautiful thing! This also means that sometimes, treatments that work well for some people don't work as well for others. Your practitioner will tell you all the ins and outs of your chosen procedure, and the consent forms are there to protect you- by signing, you're telling us that we've done a good job explaining and you agree to the procedure.

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