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Find your center with Soo Bahk Do

In addition to incredible holistic healing, Dr. Bannard 8th degree has 48 years of extensive experience in the Martial Arts World. He is the Master Instructor at Soo Bahk Do of Cary, a family-friendly Soo Bahk Do and Tai Chi training center. Dr. Bannard believes healing doesn't just happen at the doctor's office! Find your core (and bring the whole family) and learn self defense, meditation, and discipline while helping your body become stronger! Click the button below to visit the Soo Bahk Do website. 

Why try Soo Bahk Do?
  • Strengthen your muscles and your mind

  • Learn new techniques while having fun

  • Gain discipline

  • Get great exercise

  • Learn self-defense techniques

  • Bond with the entire family

  • Channel your energies in a healthy, constructive environment

  • Become a part of a rich cultural art and tradition

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